Awards 2018
London Hilton Hotel
23 November 2018

Timber Merchant of the Year

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Judges will be looking for sound business reasoning behind the improvements you’ve made to your timber centre from January 2017 to the present, and a clear measurement of the results you’re achieving. Explain what you want to achieve, how you’re going about it, and the results you’re seeing from your work. You could include how you’re analysing your sales, altering your product range to suit the local market, running promotions and offers, educating staff, or creating new timber-related services, and how these are attracting more business.

When considering nominations, Judges will take into account whether the merchant business also has a timber importing arm, and what impact this may have had on the merchant's ability to stock and sell timber in comparison to other nominations, where this is relevant to the content of the nomination itself. Please indicate on your nomination whether your business has a timber importing arm.

Guideline: 500 to 850 words


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